Tax consultancy – we aim to reduce your taxes

This is the task of tax consultancy. We are your „tax lawyer“ and your fiscal representative. Especially with us tax consultancy is a lot more.

Due to our prolonged business relations with our clients und due to thousands of „tax cases“. we dealt with during our professional career,   we are number one correspondent for commercial law and business consultancy.

Tax consultancy – our services

We offer all services of a classic tax accountancy…

  • Representation before tax offices, social services and other authorities
  • Tax planning, tax strategies, tax consultancy in general
  • see book keeping
  • see Payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Preparation of accounting on cash basis
  • Preparation of balances
  • Examination of annual financial statements
  • Establishment of businesses, re-establishments, succession plans
  • Consultancy in international tax matters

or more specifically…

  • Examination of your tax order
  • Lodge appeals and request respites
  • defence in fiscal crime proceedings
  • Evaluation of the most favourable choice of tax system
  • Consultation for choosing the best system of input tax reduction
  • Optimisation of operational handovers
  • Authorized postal power of attorney (receival of all documents from the tax office)
  • Representation at tax audits

and more over…

  • stand by your side in planning and creating your entrepreneurial future
  • support you with the establishment of your business, investment choices and financing
  • create for your undertaking a business plan, business analysis and target-actual comparison
  • consult you with your asset planning and retirement provisions
  • advice you with your transfer of assets and drafting of wills (in particular regarding your business)
  • cooperate for you with lawyers, notaries and other advisors

We offer our wide spectrum of services not only to freelancer, but also to business partnerships, corporations and private individuals.

Our team is delighted to answer all your questions regarding your tax consultancy.